NYC x Instax

A couple of weeks ago, I got to go to NYC on the most last minute, impulsive whim. It was the most unexpected trip in so many levels - more on that to come on a post this week! - and I couldn't be happier I went. 
One of my favorite things that happened while I was there was what you'd call a happy accident; after I finished shooting my first roll of film and was winding it, I pulled too hard and the film came out, not allowing me to wind it into the canister. Since I knew I wouldn't be able to do remove the film without exposing what I'd just shot and losing those images, I thought I'd be limited to only one camera. I convinced the girls to walk me to B&H (God bless them for putting up with my urgency in getting it taken care of!), and when I was there I found out they didn't have a lab that could help, so I'd have to wait until I could find a darkroom in NYC.
I was pretty bummed, but my wise friend Erica told me to not let my experience become dampened by this little bump in the road and to just make do with what I had - and then I saw a little Instax camera so I figured I could use that as a replacement for the one on the fritz. 
Little did I know that I would end up absolutely loving shooting with that little guy and would go through almost 70 sheets of film in four days :) It was so fun to not think too much about setting up a shot at all and not have any editing to do! So here are some of my favorite I'd like to share with you guys - hope you enjoy!