The Best Date I've Ever Been on Was With NYC

Y'all. The last time I wrote about NYC was over two years ago, a quick little blurb about spending some time there on a quick visit... and now here I am almost a year into living in this city!
Obviously, a lot happened between October 2015 and now but as I come up on almost a year of living here, I keep thinking about this one very specific day during that visit, the day that I felt completely wooed and swept off my feet by this place the way people talk about how they were wooed when they meet THE ONE. It involved ramen, baseball, the AMNH, lots of walking, and John Lennon, so it's really no surprise that I fell so hard.
I came New York because my friend Luisa was here shooting a cookbook, and she flew me out to tag along/shoot BTS of the process and just hang out. The morning of October 15th, we went to shoot a profile in Williamsburg which was a lot of fun, included cake and lots of laughter, and was followed by an amazing lunch at the Wythe. After that, I went into Manhattan to make it to the American Museum of Natural History, the place I was the absolute most excited to visit. You see, when I was little I wanted to be three things: an astronaut, a marine biologist, and Mary Poppins, and the AMNH had the planetarium and the giant blue whale I'd dreamt of seeing since the first time I saw in the pages of some magazine when I was little, so I knew I had to get to it. I met a friend who was also in town visiting from Portland and we spent a few hours walking around in awe - and I absolutely teared up when I walked into the Hall of Ocean Life and saw that whale in real life. 
After leaving the AMNH, we walked around the Upper West Side and Central Park for a while, coming to Strawberry Fields, which was on my list of spots to visit since my love of John Lennon runs deep. Having been so close to his birthday, there were flowers all around the Imagine circle, and people were taking photos while a group of haggard looking dudes with the sweetest spirits and run down instruments led us all into some very off-key but truly beautiful singing. 
We left there to head to the East Village to get some Momofuku ramen, which I had heard so much about and with ramen being my favorite food I knew I had to try, and of course it was delicious. After dinner we decided to walk around for a while since it was so nice, so we got ice cream and just wandered around aimlessly for a bit. 
It had been such a perfect day, couldn't imagine it going any better, but the city had one more move to make. It just so happened that that night my all-time life-long favorite baseball team, the Dodgers, were in town playing against the Mets in NLDS. I had really wanted to go see them play, but a few days earlier one of our players had broken one of their players legs in a dirty play and tensions were running pretty damn high between the teams, so there was no way I was going to go to Citi Field in Dodgers gear to cheer for them smack in the middle of all those angry fans. But as we walked around the East Village, we turned the corner and I saw what looked like a lot of Dodger blue in this one spot. I walked closer and saw that spilling out the door and onto the steps of this bar were nothing but Dodger fans watching the game and cheering so loudly. How I happened to randomly walk by a Dodgers bar in Manhattan on the night of the last game of the series, I'll never know, but I do know that getting to watch and cheer along with all those people made such a huge impact on me that I couldn't shake. It might sound silly, but it felt personal, like that moment was tailor made for me, and I knew I had to do something with it.
Since moving here, there have been so many serendipitous moments like these, but that one day full of those moments capped with Dodgers gold was the day I fell in love with this place, the main reason that exactly one day and four months after first stepping foot here, I landed in Brooklyn to start my new life. This city has completely won me over, and like any good love story, it hasn't been without conflict and hardships, but that one day in October will always be perfect and I'll look back on it knowing I fell in love in just one day.